en tren

bic me up i'm on the train
a fake lake a fake name and a bow in her hair
and 143b whatever that means
when the roaring clouds cover the rolling sun
and maybe i have won the game
but it doesn't fell that way
more like the game won me which true
is actually a loss
but who's on the bridge anyway south cactus lane
top five polkadot hellbox
just like all the others
i'd rather tak the plain plane
could get so much farther that way
and 3763 all around me concrete tiles
and mega soliloquies
reward yourself you tool i spray
from my sexy phallic idol of
a dead tree don't lean on me
or we'll fall into the salty salty dead

see what I mean
fragile as the day is almost over
and where are my pants anyways
you wanted to see the core of my being
but it ain't there
that's a crayon buried far inside

1333 weeeeeeeeee emergency lazy all the same
could've been in L.A. by now I think
instead of next to a McDonalds sculpture in the dusty city
with a two step steptoe
and fake pizza
special delivery corporate slums with glue [gloom]
and where the fuck has that park gone


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