I'm əmerica
I'm dying you kill me
one miracle what's wrong with the money
is more important than your people
əmerica I write my poems dictation software near
ocean Ginsberg was still
əmerica so you can give yourself the finger
move ways it was if you care
about not trying to get rich in əmerica
and really will
and wake me əmerica
Why is being broke
been destitute perfectly legitimate
reason for the station on əmerica
why do you fill your pockets with goldplated lead əmerica
know that the paper of the money is Pearl
is əmerica
call əmerica the couple coffee cosmic
and expensive couple coffee cost $.17 a latte
Mirth my heart is beating
the St. Əmerica DC
is a place for the rich
and the richer
and the richest
in the mostly most of the most most most of the most powerful

əmerica fucking stupid əmerica
where are you
so fucking film
Əmerican euro soy protein energy drink
əmerican was a last time you voted for someone in your room
tax bracket
the last time you vote
əmerica went in to speak out
say what you think
think what you think
əmerica stop watching reality television because cancer
or is it just sedentary
slaw [sloth]
Jehovah Əmerica
Let's kill some nonbelievers
that star was me
kill me
oh you did too late
and I was in əmerica
emerica what the fuck is wrong əmerica with the fuck
is with you
emerica tell
talk to you okay
əmerica why am I talking to you careless


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