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Flashing Lights live @ Alt_Cntl_Dance on Demos

 a new modular edm brandance from vav & the downcycled robots       straight from Mars to your brain

Latest Posts

experiment 1024 {now with ghost peppers}

another strange new edm world to explore

Ceres lithium mine Modular Synth Jam - {921} Spacetime Basstime -

synthesize control

my new album is out now!

Robot Groove

morbid groove (sneak peak)

experiments in DnB

Beats & Treats

vcv rack modular - groove 426 - a lil snippit of a new patch

Master Gargle Blaster - my Dez Wright beat battle entry

the robots want you so badly

Heartbreak Repair Noise Generator

get Santa - vav & the downcycled robots

the sounds politicians make when they speak

Outpost 6 (fine-cut)

table probabilities 923

a jam from the airport with some video effects made in MAX/jitter

at the end, there is nothing left to do ... but dance

413 by vav and the downcycled robots

March Forth into a New Future by vav and the downcycled robots

Future Propaganda Archive Simulation

əmerica VR test

a paper about art and the anxiety of the end

əmerica - a sneak preview

Anime Space Station Ver 003

En Tren (2021)

Tech Workstation 2021

Red Snake Wormhole Blues