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the sounds politicians make when they speak

a glitch track sample, full-length on my insta@vav_vavrek it just reminds me of what happens to the promises politicians make after the election is won

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Outpost 6 (fine-cut)

table probabilities 923

a jam from the airport with some video effects made in MAX/jitter

at the end, there is nothing left to do ... but dance

413 by vav and the downcycled robots

March Forth into a New Future by vav and the downcycled robots

Future Propaganda Archive Simulation

əmerica VR test

a paper about art and the anxiety of the end

əmerica - a sneak preview

Anime Space Station Ver 003

En Tren (2021)

Tech Workstation 2021

Red Snake Wormhole Blues

new tests from Terragen, funny how the exported image has less detail than the screenshot

some works from my students in Special Topics in Media Design 1 - Made in VR

Views from an ocean world...360 degree image

Quill animation test series 003

Some 3D sketches from with Gravity Sketch and the Oculus Rift

playing in Quill, an animation sketch for Cisko Vuk

New test image from Terragen 4 {still not happy with the rendering of the clouds}

Updates to the web based tests

web based tests from Terragen

A Virtual Reality sculpting experiment with 3d scanning

some more quick glimpses of my forthcoming animation

A wednesday in Spring somewhere

some 360 degree views with photoshopping...

a little vr test hosted on using Mozilla's A-Frame

some updates... got some rendering done