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honest abe


wrong, maybe

great "VALUE" art

hmmm photodoodle?

oh yeah and my surgery is healing


wow-wee; glitch a mac

bones like nugat, or was that butterfingers

there is something wrong here...

best worst hair day ever...


learning to draw lefty self portrait at the community hospital waiting room

busted bussin' it

boom shack salton sea

hi craig

and then i went for the trip tic tac toe

and another thing

whelp... old camera, old film, still records

babel fish...

why yes, that is part of an Az license plate

en tren

werx of the now

tea time

yoi where d reality go?

scrawled on a bathroom toilet shitstain, as if there is any othrr kind of toilet shitstain

still stuck in a digital LALA land

Adspace netwaste

Shitballz...the information age is dead.

how about learning to art through free apps?

wow a new blogger app;

no mula MOLAA

dis one fo you Tempe, Azz

baam, at the bookstore csulb, dreaming about the possibilities...

slant six runaway fiberglass mobile

driver 8 {yeah, another gif, click image please}

maybe i should be running...

I hate to complain, but what else is there to do...

driving - down energy prices [its a animated gif, but you gotta click on it]

me and the bomb in the full moon outside of indio

shit balls,whyz it soo cold