shit balls,whyz it soo cold

It seems like traveling is thought of as this amazing and magical thing and that one should ultimately be jealous of someone else who is engaged in the act. That is unless the traveler is poor; in which case no one is the least bit unhappy about not being able to tag along {well almost no one}. It is times like this morning, waking up in a rest stop because there is a swarm of flies attacking me while i soak the front seat and pillow {ha, see I am rich, I have both a seat and a pillow; a whole car even} in the the very early morning sun and then I find out that the rest room has no running water in the sink and I have to use the last of my drinking water to wash my hands. It times like these ... that make the experience worthwhile. And it beats a dirt nap in the PHX...


  1. What happened to the van you were working on?

  2. oh, the van... fucking van... wouldn't stop overheating, i think the motor needs to be taken apart and thoroughly cleaned; it was a good dream though, while it lasted


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