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free xmas, holiday, new year's image

Jayne Beta 2016

a glitch in the sky in montana

fading from reality

Re-envisioning the Greek Mythos

semi-triumphant standing rock

what oil spill? - diptych

Do Androids Dream of Fractal Tapeworms?

Cliffs Alpha [Southwestern] and Cliffs Beta [Ice]

the #Trumped-up #Hillarity of "freedom" and "democracy"

Impact 2016

Grasslands of Pixel Wyoming

Reinterpreting Through Digital Decay

Making əmerica Glitch Again...Again...Again...Again...Again

Saving Digital Glitches on Analog Film

hyper highway alpha

the glitch is watching, the glitch knows what you did...

two moons rise

virus draw redux

flagstaff in the rear view

Burning Palm Fronds at the Firehouse Phoenix AZ circa 2011

Sequoia Obscura

Planetary Bodies Collide Beta


Nostalgia and Garry's Mod (as it crashes the computer)